What is Fukukan?

A suite of tools for table-top game hobbyist

Tue, 15 Sep 2020

Darkhand Studio is working for around one year on the Fukukan suite of applications which are here to help miniature table-top game hobbyists in their game and interactions with the community around it. It started with a beta release of an event organisation mobile tool with dedicated groups / organisations and leagues. It was used in few events in Japan and then extended with two more applications:

  • Fukukan Sage for quick search and access of Warhammer 40K & AoS FaQs
  • Fukukan Talk to support multi-language translation dedicated for Warhammer 40K

Our team is working on designing new applications to include in the Fukukan suite to fullfill our vision and having a suite covering all aspects of the hobby. We are in the meantime looking at what is coming with some of the other applications in the ecosystem like Best Coast Pairings, 40K App and so on.

Stay tuned to see new information about Fukukan suite of applications coming soon on iOS / Android platforms.


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